Sep 7, 2011

Kids Animation Tools Update

Toon Boom Studio is a 2D animation software which assists learning and creating animation better. Ideal for artists, students and hobbyists looking for an easy-to-use animation program, targeting for teachers and educational institutions. They claim to makes all animation techniques accessible to users, offering a most creative and rewarding experience. * It allows to create content in multiple ways: draw digitally, scan-in paper drawings, capture live images or import existing artwork * Apply colours * Allows to set camera moves * Animates using bones, pegs and animated elements * Allows for audio tracks and lip-syncing * Ability to publish animation projects for print, TV, HDTV, the Web, Facebook, YouTube and iPod/iPod touch/iPhone/iPad

Looks like a great tool to get back to from time to time. I am going to dig into my software archives and buy its update to check out the latest!

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