Sep 9, 2011

The day I changed my child-gifting conventions

I enjoy giving gifts to kids as much as I did receiving them when I was a kid.

The only difference I see in the modern day kids is that the varieties in kids toys and the gift-getting is plenty and too fast for the child to keep track and enjoy each toy to the maximum, so much so that even before they actually explore the potential of it, the toy is broken because it is fragile and sometimes even dangerous for a child to handle. My nephew's habit was to explore a gift like a "train on a railway track"...break it into pieces and it becomes like some extra-filling to his baby bicycle in 10 mins. defeating the purpose of teaching him much more about the train or the railway station while playing :o)
I too felt I never had the opportunity to take part in the joy of the child I gift the toy to.

So a few years ago, I shifted the type of toys I gave my nephew and niece. I started getting educational toys or raw-material to make great gifts and in the process make it a learning experience for the child as well as myself to enjoy and bring out the child in myself when I sit with them on the craft project.

So I started getting the kids in my family, eco-friendly toys which were non-toxic as well as catered to the explorative nature of the child.

 I started getting them toys like the following: Paper Toys like the one you see below which my nephew was assembling. I enjoyed the experience so much and got involved in the process that I missed my flight that day. :o) I am really not making this up! I just could not let the joy of this pass.

This is a model of a ship made of paper 12 year old nephew enjoyed building up. And I loved taking part in it because I too along with him brushed up the different parts that go into making of the ship.


Do gift your little friends and kids with picture books, printables, educational toys which not only adds to their development intellectually but are also completely non-toxic and eco-friendly.
I will be back with more snippets on my wonderful world of papertoys...
Stay tuned!

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