Apr 11, 2012

Guessing the fairy? Quick Sketch

Quick Illustration of Guessing the fairy!

Made as my "A cartoon a day" twitter campaign - countdown to my First Artists Alley Presence in the Middle East Film and Comic con (mefcc.com) showcasing my "Children's Illustration" at Table No. 42

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Apr 1, 2012

My day doing 3D Character Design/Mascots

Thanks for visiting :o). My Design Days report shows that today I worked on these 2 characters.

A South American Insurance Executive: A Mascot and it is a bird!
My 3D character version of the Toucan with a cute smile and a vest.

And the other,

a Bizarre/scarey looking Amazon tree frog: Ugh! he scares the hell out of me too! ;o)I scrapped it anyway!