Jul 3, 2015

My storybook series - Heather & Jack Adventures - to be published soon.

About 7 years ago I decided to bring to life a true story I lived through with Heather & Jack
A Kitten and a Puppy. This two very unlikely pets who rarely get along found solice in each other that unforgiving summer month in Dubai. Which I was so fortunate to behold when I had the rare opportunity to adopt them for a month.

This is the Cover Design I have Illustrated for the proposed picture-book waiting until I am able to allocate a budget to get it published. 

The book will be addressing 2 key virtues important for growing children. And will be still very special for the book is going to appeal to any age-group. So it will be a hardcover illustrated series that will be promoted as coffee table reference.

Check back in to learn more about the proposed publishing date.

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